South East Asia is a geographical, economical, political and also cultural unit.  Believing in that idea, Valentine Willie who loves to hop around South East Asia following his passion for contemporary art, starts to set up hubs at some of the countries. Started with Valentine Willie Fine Art in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, followed by Manila Contemporary and Jogja Contemporary (which is previously known as Tembi Contemporary). Each hub presented their local artists and also visiting ones from other sections. Thus, dialogues and insights exchanges creates to enrich and to tickle ideas for more arts.

The wealth talent in Jogja(karta), makes it the undisputed artists capital of Indonesia. Buyers, however, seeks out only a handful of successful artists. Few collectors are aware of over 10,000 artists here who create unique and worthy works. By presenting the best among Indonesia’s lost generation of the overlooked artists, as well as the new generation of up and coming young artists, Jogja Contemporary promises to be the incubator for pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. Jogja Contemporary will also encourage artists residencies, artists exchange programs and travel grants that enable local artists to gather valuable overseas experience.

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