Iwan Widjono is an art performer and a visual artist. He participated in several important art events, including: LIVE - Performance Art Biennale (Vancouver, ’07), In The Context Of Art-The Differences (Warsaw, ‘06), TIPALive - Taiwan International Performance Art Festival (Taipei, ’05), FOI - Future Of Imagination (Singapore ’03), AIM Artist Investigation Monuments (Singapore ’00 & ’02), ASIATOPIA Performance Art Festival (Bangkok – Chiangmai ’99,’02,’05,07), NIPAF - Nippon International Performance Art Festival (City Tour Japan ’99, ’04), Havana Biennale (Cuba, ’01), Currency Festival (Manhattan, New York ’05), 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival (Toronto ’02), RIAP – Recountre Internacional Arte de Performance (Quebec City, ’04), Novena Muestra Internacional de Performance (Mexico City, ’00).

Widjono involved actively in various seminar and political art workshop in various campuses and institutions - galleries internationally. Also various exhibition in Indonesia and overseas, including: Paricutin (Action in Site) Exhibition, at Gallery of Klnstlerhaus Hamburg - Bergedorf, Germany (’02), 1st Solo exhibition in ’05 Kedai Kebun Forum, Jogjakarta, photo performance, drawing and painting “Route to Babilon: After the Dark rising Sex, Drug, & Rock N Roll. A photo performance and video work in exhibition - Soedjojono & Indonesian Social Realism, in NUS Museum, Singapore (May ’08), The Highlights: from Medium through Transmedia –The Indonesia Institute of Art Exhibition (Dec ’08), The 2nd solo exhibition “Revolution Preparation” in December 2008 at JNM Jogja National Museum.

Widjono, president of the contemporary art organization in Jogjakarta, Performance Klub, which organized monthly action art event as WED ACTION during 2003 – 2005, AMBULANCE ART FESTIVAL ’05, annual action art in public communities titled PERFURBANCE – Performance Art Urban Festival, and also public action art event down town Jogja titled CHAOS DAB!. Widjono is member of TAV ( The Artists Village), Singapore, member international performance art movement New World Disorder International, member of editorial board INTER arte actuel magazine, Quebec City (Canada), and also registered as spiritual healer in the World Pranic Healing Foundation.

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