Ruang MES 56 is a non-profit institution established on February 28, 2002, which is active in the field of photography that emphasizes in the exploratory approach of contemporary photography, both in theory and practice, conceptually and contextually; having the purpose to develop the discourse of contemporary photography sphere in Indonesia.

Ruang MES 56 do several programs: Exhibition, Creative Exchange, Workshop, and Archiving. All of these programs are done with self-financing and with the support from several donors, either from non-profit institutions or from commercial companies. All programs have the aim to empower the contemporary culture in Indonesia.

Ruang MES 56 is run by Agung Nugroho Widhi, Akiq Abdul Wahid, Anang Saptoto, Angki Purbandono, Daniel Satria Koestoro, Dessy Sahara Angelina, Edwin Dolly Roseno, Eko Bhirowo, Jim Allen Abel, Wimo Ambala Bayang and Wok The Rock.

Selected Exhibitions:
• 'KOMPILASI' A Survey of Indonesian Contemporary Art, BUS Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 23rd of February -14th of March, 2009

• `2nd POSE: Indonesian Artists Portrait Series` 29th January – 13th February 2008 Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta

• `OVERLOAD` Mois de La Photo - Bulan Foto, Galeri Lembaga Indonesia Prancis – Yogyakarta, 20th November – 3rd December 2007

• 'BEST QUALITY' Photography Project CP BIENNALE 2005 'URBAN / CULTURE` 6th September – 5th October 2005 Indonesian Bank Museum, Jakarta
• 'UNFOLDED CITY`8th YOGYAKARTA BIENNALE ‘DISINI & KINI’, November - December 2005, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

• `HOLIDAY` July 2004, Lontar Gallery, Jakarta September 2004, Passage de Retz, Paris October 2004, Centre Culturel Francais, Jakarta

• `KEREN DAN BEKEN` 7th YOGYAKARTA BIENNALE ‘COUNTRYBUTION’ October 2003 Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

Selected Art Projects/ Photography Projects :
• `2nd POSE: Indonesian Artists Portrait Series` On going project – Project presentation previously was held at Jogja Gallery on 29th January – 13th February 2008

• `CITY TO CITY` February 2007, Lembaga Indonesia Prancis , Yogyakarta

• `INDONESIAN ZONE` FIRST 3 SEC., October – November 2006, Nuans OffSpace, Dusseldorf

• `HOLIDAY PROJECT` July 2004, Lontar Gallery, Jakarta September 2004, Passage de Retz, Paris, October 2004, Centre Culturel Francais, Jakarta

• ILLUSTRATION PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP & EXHIBITION OF CHAIRIL ANWAR’S LOVE POEMS, ‘PUISI CINTA CHAIRIL ANWAR’, 14th 28th of February, 2009 Ruang MES 56, Facilitator: Angki Purbandono, Assistant: Edwin Roseno and Jim Allen Abel, In cooperation with FOTKOM UPN - Yogyakarta

• COLLAGE WORKS WORKSHOP & EXHIBITION ‘MAKE UP’ 3rd – 15th of November, 2008 V-Art Gallery, Yogyakarta Facilitator: Angki Purbandono In cooperation with STIEHUNT, STIE YKPN – Yogyakarta

• PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO PARTICIPATORY WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN, ‘BANGUN & GEMBIRA’, October-November 2006, In cooperation with PLAN International – Yogyakarta

• PHOTOGRAM WORKSHOP & EXHIBITION 'ABSOLUT PHOTOGRAM' 7th - 31st of March, 2005 Ruang MES 56 Facilitator: Gunawan Edi Nugroho
• PHOTOGRAM WORKSHOP & EXHIBITION 'PERFECT REPRESENTATION' 27th August – 31st of September, 2005 Insomnium, Malang Facilitator: Eko Bhirowo, Gunawan Edi Nugroho

• ‘THE CITY ONEMINUTES’ 6th – 20th of March, 2009 Ruang MES 56 In cooperation with The One Minutes – Netherland
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