(b. 1985, Tainan, Taiwan)

SHIH Pei Chun graduated from BA Fine Arts at National Taiwan University of Arts, then gained her Master in Architecture at the Graduate Institute of Architecture, National Chiao Tung University in order to extend her great interest in activating space and place. Furthermore, she took this new direction as an approach toward social connections in the public sphere that is present within her practice.

Apart from her recent experience working within architecture agencies, SHIH is also active in projects with OPEN CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER(OCAC), such as ThaiTai – A Measure of Understanding. She also managed OCAC - THAITAI FEVER. By comparison with the practices accumulated during her architectural work, SHIH has developed a flexible artistic language informed by both architecture and art to discuss and to capture the flowing memory and deployment of spaces.

Since 2015 SHIH decided to move out of Taipei and relocated back to her unfamiliar hometown Tainan where she has based for 11 years. Re-beginning with needlework, knifes and fabric, her current practices inherits the skills from her mother to re-create the form of patchwork that she was adept at since a young age. In continuation of her previous work, these skills seek out a dialogue of methods between art, architecture and patchwork.

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