(b. 1983, Taipei, Taiwan)

LO Shih Tung’s practices often focus on the patterns of daily life, especially for the traces, remains and stories that come from the over-produced social activities in our present time. Throughout these fragments which is seen as the statement of Walter Benjamin, it reflects and responses the integrated construction and world. A piece of alive archive, brings out the specific messages of questions and think as well as move and transform, is seeking for the lingering ghosts – the identity, home, hometown and city in the present society.

LO was the director of artist-run space OPEN CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER (OCAC) from 2010 to 2013. As a member he is currently active at the projects, such as ThaiTai – A Measure of Understanding and THAITAI FEVER. In recent years LO has been participating in some regional art programmes around South East Asia countries, such as 2014 Beyond Pressure Public Art Festival in Myanmar, 2014 Project Glocal Penang and 2015 DA+C Festival in Malaysia. In 2014 LO gained the grant of Overseas Arts Travel from The National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) and preceded his research with local art spaces and organisations in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

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