Altiyanto Henryawan RM (b. 1979 Yogyakarta) – Director, writer, historian

Altiyanto is a self taught artist that was brought up from an early age in a Yogyakarta traditional dance family and is a member of the royal family of Yogyakarta.

Since 1997, Altiyanto has been actively writing plays for theatre performances, Kethoprak, television dramas and movies. He is also a director and actor, and has gained several awards as a director/actor in various Indonesian national performing arts festivals.

In September 2012 he was appointed as official keeper of the Yogyakarta Palace ceremony, manuscripts, books and manuscript collections of the palace, as well as audio-visual documentation. He is also part of the creative team for Wayang Ukur Indonesian puppet theatre space.

Selected Roles

2006-2014 - Freelance programmer, designer Obrolan Balaikkota, TV station Televisi Republik Yogyakarta
2008-2010 - Chairman of the division of traditional arts for Yogyakarta Arts Festival
2009-2014 - Program director Jogja Java Carnival

Selected awards


'TORAJA BUFFALO' won the Slot Kencana Award 2007.
Pioneer Youth predicate award Yogyakarta,


Yogyakarta Governor instigator of the traditional art

Selected Writing

2003 'KIDUNG PANGRUWAT BULAN', drama script
2004 - 'JIBUS MALING', kethoprak
2005 - 'DAG DIG GERRR', drama script
2006-2014 - 'OBROLAN BALAIKOTA', TV Program
2009 - 'BARAT KATIUP ANGIN', drama script
2010 - 'BELUK NANJAK', drama script

Selected Director / Art Director / co Director

2003 'KIDUNG PANGRUWAT BULAN', Taman Budaya Lombok NTB
2004 - 'JIBUS MALING', Taman Budaya Surakarta
2005 - 'DAG DIG GERRR', Taman Budaya Yogyakarta and Taman Budaya Surakarta
2006-2014 - 'OBROLAN BALAIKOTA', TVRI Yogyakarta
2007 - 'ACAPELLA MATARAMAN', Festival Kesenian Surabaya
2008 - 'OPERA DIPONEGORO', dirertor Sardono W Kusumo, Pagelaran Kraton Yogyakarta
2009 - 'BARAT KATIUP ANGIN', Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
2010 - 'BELUK NANJAK', Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta
2010-2011 - Opening ceremony Jogja Java Carnival
2011 - 'ACAPELLA MATARAMAN', Singapore Arts Festival
2013 - 'ACAPELLA MATARAMAN', Jakarta Arts International Performance

Selected Collaborative Project

2009 'Buddha My Body', Tony Yap Company Australia and Nottle Theatre Korea as production manager
2012 - 'Grobak Padi', Agung Gunawan, Tony Yap and Mike Hornblow, Melbourne Festival
2013 - "Lore of Nature" dance/movement video collaboration with Agung Gunawan,Bimo Suryojati, Altiyanto Henryawan, Jesse Stevens, Dean Petersen
2013 - "Shadows on the Wall", Mapping Melbourne Festival, Melbourne, Australia 2013 "Shadows on the Wall", Arts in the Island Festival, Bali, Kediri, Batu, With: Bimo Suryojati, Altiyanto Henryawan, Jesse Stevens, Dean Petersen

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