Bimo Suryojati (b. 1982 Yogyakarta) – Audiovisual artist

Bimo has worked on many arts and commercial projects since 2005. With his friend in StudioKasatmata (Animation Studio in Jogjakarta-Indonesia) created the 1st feature 90 minute animation film in Indonesia. From 2009, he began directing his own live action short film. He has a psychology degree from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This influences his artwork in that it always has a deep interest in human behavior, children, disability, and culture.

Bimo began work in new media art from 2010 beginning with his involvement in "Arts Island" festival as art photographer. His interest in new media art increased after collaborating with Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen in 2012.

Selected Independent Short Film (as director and director of photography) 2012 "Sri oh Sri", fiction, 30 min

2008 - "Numpak Pit", fiction, 30 min
2007 - "Legawa", true story fiction taken from the earthquake victim in Jogja 2006. 30 min

Selected Collaborative Independent Short Film (as director and director of photography)


  • "Berkebun", collaboration with Deaf Art Community (Jogja-Indonesia), a sign language learning film.
  • "Penunggu Matahari", with Deaf Art Community, and YKAKJ (Jogjakarta- Indonesia Foundation for children with cancer).


  • "A way to win", with Kopimoka Theater, and YKI (Indonesian Foundation for People with Cancer)

Selected Other artwork/involvement/collaborative event/project


  • "Shadows on the Wall", Mapping Melbourne Festival, Melbourne, Australia With: Jesse Stevens,Dean Petersen,Agung Gunawan, and Altiyanto Henryawan.
  • "2nd Gerobak Padi", live link project between Jogjakarta-Indonesia and Sydney-Australia 2013 "Scribbling Robots", Workshop with children of remote village Pacitan, Indonesia with Jesse Stevens, Dean Petersen, and Altiyanto Henryawan.
  • "Shadows on the Wall", Development, presentation at "Arts Island Festival". With: Jesse Stevens, Dean Petersen, Agung Gunawan, and Altiyanto Henryawan. 2013 "Lore of Nature" dance/movement video collaboration with Agung Gunawan, Jesse Stevens, Dean Petersen and Altiyanto Henryawan.


  • "Gerobak Padi", live link project between Jogjakarta-Indonesia and Melbourne-Australia 2007 "Timun Emas", musical theater played by Jogjakarta’s earthquake victim
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